How to use your clip on ponytail

Follow this easy how to guide on how to use your clip on ponytail.

If you have short hair pull your hair into a ponytail and slide the comb though your bobble. If you have long hair follow the instructions below for a high ponytail.

  1. Pull your natural hair into a ponytail
  2. Wrap your ponytail into a bun and secure with pins
  3. Unhook the clip in your clip on ponytail and remove
  4. Slide one comb thru the top of your bobble and the other underneath your bobble.
  5. Find the toggle attached to the string and pull tight.
  6. Wrap the remaining string around the top of the ponytail and secure with a pin.
  7. If you want to finish the hair with style take a section of hair around an inch wide from underneath the ponytail and wrap around the top securing with a pin.

The Kate clip on ponytail is an amazing versatile hairpiece that can add glamour and ease to your hairstyles.

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Sarah heat resistant synthetic half wig/instant weave

Sarah is one of our bestselling hair pieces.

Available in 20 colours Sarah is a heat resistant synthetic half wig/instant weave.

The half wig/instant weave is a very popular addition to accessorise your hair.   Easy to use you can quiff  your hair over the top, brush your natural hair over the join or hide the join with a headband.

The colour featured here is Butterscotch Highlight boasting warm caramel tones with blonde highlights.

Get amazing glamour and long locks instantly.

Get your Sarah half wig/instant weave today on for only £35

How to curl heat resistant synthetic hair

Follow this easy guide on how to curl your heat resistant synthetic hair pieces.

All the half head wigs, multi layers & ponytails can be curled using heat upto 160c. 

1. Section a piece of hair

2. Wind your piece of hair around a wand or tong at a heat no more than 160c.

3. Count to 60

4. Turn your wand/tong into a vertical position and let the curl drop into your hand or a flat service. Keep the hair in the curl position.

5. Either move onto your next piece of hair or count to 60.

6. The hair will now have cooled down and set into a curl shape.

7. Unravel the curl slowly and style as desired.

8. Use a paddle brush to soften the curl (do not use a comb)

Amazing quality heat resistant synthetic hair can be a great alternative to human hair. giving your hair the VIP treatment  

Half head wig/ instant weave transformation

  Wow what an amazing transformation a half head wig/Instant Weave can make.

We used style Chloe for this transformation. From very short hair to long hair in an instant the half head wig can totally reinvent your look.

Easy to use and only £35 these hair pieces are all heat resistant synthetic and can be curled & straightened using heat upto 160c.

Invest in the half head wig/Instant weave today and change your bad hair days to good hair days!! giving your hair the VIP treatment 


Easter 2016 special offer

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How to clip in hair extensions

The tutorial below gives you the best guide on how to clip in hair extensions.

1. Section your hair.

2. Take a piece of the natural hair where your hair extensions are going to be placed.

3. Twist your natural hair at the root around 3 to 4 times.

4. Clip in hair extensions into the twist and secure.

5. Follow the same step with all of the clip in hair extensions.

Twisting the hair at the root gives a more secure feeling without breaking the hair.

Back combing is a very common way to attach clip ins  but long term this can break your hair 

Instant Weave/Half Head Wig

VIP Tresses Instant Weave/Half Head Wig are a great accessory for any type of hair.

From short hair to long hair in an instant the Half Head Wig can create curls, glamour and style you may not be able to achieve with your own hair.

Simply slide the combs into your own hair and style as desired.

With 9 styles of Instant Weave/Half Head Wig all in heat resistant synthetic hair you can get your glam on with VIP Tresses  xx 

100% Human Hair Extensions for volume

This amazing volume was created with VIP Tresses 100% Human Hair Extensions in colour 27/613. This colour is available in 14″, 16″ and 18″.

All the 100% Human Hair Extensions are silky soft Mongolian hair weighing 120g.

The extensions are 90% double drawn  which gives extra volume thoughout from root to tip.

100% Human Hair Extensions can be made into clip ins or fitted via weave in or micro wetting.

Give your hair the VIP volume treatment with VIP Tresses xx


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