The great thing about Clip-In Hair Extensions is you can change your look in minutes without the commitment of permanent Hair Extensions.

The even greater thing about VIP Tresses ready made Clip-In Hair Extensions is the weight of hair we give you is 120g (130g including clips). We DO NOT include the weight of our clips in the weight of the hair. When buying hair extensions also ask for the weight/gram of the hair alone as the weight can sometimes include the clips.

By guaranteeing you have the full weight of the hair advertised means you have maximum volume and length you ask for.

The VIP Tresses Clip-In Hair Extensions come in 5 pieces.

1 small (2 clips), 1 medium (3 clips), 1 large (4 clips) and 2 sides (1 clip each). All the pieces are sewn to lace which keeps all the layers nice and flat.

As you will see from the picture attached the length & volume achieved from the clip ins is stunning.

Give your hair the VIP treatment with VIP Tresses Hair Extensions.image