Own your own hair line with VIP Tresses help!

Ever wanted to own your own hair line? We can help!!Remy hair extensions, 100% human hair extensions & synthetic hair pieces all available. 

As a company priding itself on high quality we can help you achieve your DREAMS 

We offer the whole service of supplying high quality hair extensions and hairPieces in your own packaging. All at amazing prices!!

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Brand new Easy Tresses hair extensions

Bringing you the brand new Easy Tresses hair extensions.

These stunning 20″ heat resistant synthetic hair extensions fix in with a wire & clips. At 105g they are fantastic for ladies with fine hair that struggle to hide the thicker hair pieces.

With the invisible wire and added security of clips the Easy Tresses can add the length and volume you have always wished for.

Currently on special offer online buy 1 get 1 half price using the code EASYVIP at checkout.

Give your hair the VIP treatment 💞💞

High quality synthetic hairpieces

VIP Tresses heat resistant synthetic hair is THE best quality synthetic hair you will ever find.

Natural colours hand blended to match human hair which can be curled & straightened upto 160c available in all the synthetic hairpieces.

The high quality fibre we use gives you the look of human hair at a fraction of the cost.

Simply hold around a wand or tong for 60 seconds. Let the hair stay in the curl format to cool and viola amazing curls in volumous hair.

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Clip-In Hair Extensions

The great thing about Clip-In Hair Extensions is you can change your look in minutes without the commitment of permanent Hair Extensions.

The even greater thing about VIP Tresses ready made Clip-In Hair Extensions is the weight of hair we give you is 120g (130g including clips). We DO NOT include the weight of our clips in the weight of the hair. When buying hair extensions also ask for the weight/gram of the hair alone as the weight can sometimes include the clips.

By guaranteeing you have the full weight of the hair advertised means you have maximum volume and length you ask for.

The VIP Tresses Clip-In Hair Extensions come in 5 pieces.

1 small (2 clips), 1 medium (3 clips), 1 large (4 clips) and 2 sides (1 clip each). All the pieces are sewn to lace which keeps all the layers nice and flat.

As you will see from the picture attached the length & volume achieved from the clip ins is stunning.

Give your hair the VIP treatment with VIP Tresses Hair Extensions.image

Hair Extension Applications

There are a number of great ways you can attach your weft hair extensions.

You could attach as clip ins, weave in or micro wefts.

Here at VIP Tresses we supply all the essentials you need to attach your hair extensions. We have micro beads in 4 colours (including the new Beige which is very difficult to find), thread, weaving needles and clips.

To attach the micro beads we also have pliers and threaders.

At great prices give your hair the VIP treatment with VIP Tresses hair extensions and accessories.


Hair Extensions for volume

Hair Extensions are not always just to add length.

As much as we all like to be mermaids or Rapunzel, Hair Extensions are also great to add volume.

By just adding 1 row of weave in, clip in or micro weave to your natural hair can give amazing results.

The picture attached shows just how much volume can be added from only 1 row of weave. The clients natural hair has grown around 4inches by having her Hair Extensions fitted correctly over the past year.

The hair in the picture has also been used for 6 months. With the right care and attention this hair can last many refits.

Colour used is 6/27 which is extremely popular as the warm tones can help create highlights or a balayage affect if matched correctly.

This colour is available in the 100% human hair extensions as well as the Remy hair extensions.

Give your hair the VIP treatment with


Plait your hair whilst you sleep

Do you want to keep your natural hair and your hair extensions in good condition.

A good tip is to sleep with your hair/hair extensions in either a loose ponytail or a plait.

This is a great way to keep your hair/hair extensions from getting knotty whilst you sleep.

Wake up without the stress


How to make a bun from your ponytail

Want to make a new up do from your ponytail? Why not make a sophisticated bun?

Firstly follow the blog/tutorial on how to attach Kate ponytail using the drawstring attachment.

2. Separate the ponytail into 2 sections.

3. Wrap the right piece of hair over the left.

4. Wrap the left piece of hair over the right.

5. Continue to wrap around until fixing the ends of the hair inside.

6. Use pins/Kirkby grips to secure the bun in place.

Amazing you now have a brand new style from using the same Kate ponytail you love to wear down.

Kate ponytail is available in 20 colours and is heat resistant upto 160c. At only £25 it is a great accessory for any occasion.

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How to use multi layer clip in hair extensions

The heat resistant synthetic multi layer clip in hair extensions are one of the easiest hair pieces you could use to add length and volume to your natural hair.

Simply follow the guide below on how to use your multi layer clip in hair extensions and add glamour to your hair in an instant.

  1. For full volume curl all of your natural hair or you can put the bottom section of your hair into a ponytail for quickness and hide away.
  2. Section the crown of your hair around 1″ about the ear.
  3. Clip your multi layer clip in hair extensions to your natural hair (take a look at our how to clip in tutorial for added support).
  4. Place your natural hair over the top of the hair piece and style as desired.

At only £29.99 and heat resistant upto 160c this may well be the best investment you ever make as a hair accessory.

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